One of the core values of HABNAB, is to honor young professionals

Visionary Connect, Is one day luxury event for youth with big dreams,risk takers,dream chasers and high achievers.It is an opportunity to form new friendships and network with people who have similar passions and goals.

It is an occasion to celebrate small and big achievements of young doers, opportunity to contribute and channel youth motivation, energy and creativity towards the achievement of the young generation’s agenda


Luxuriously group ride  party to Golf course to pop champagne bottles”Anyone is welcome to share a minute speech either to be grateful or share some wisdom with others”

Outdoor Red Carpet : Network & Canapes,Professionals Photo/videographers and interviews ready for great shots

PRIVATE LOCATION: VIP Experience till morning.

FIRST EDITION: Last Months of 2020, WA,PERTH

DRESS CODE: Strictly formal attire.